“All children have the right to live in a safe environment, free from family violence”

An empowering and educational safety programme to assist children work through the impacts of being a witness or survivor of domestic violence. Parents/Caregivers are invited to join in with the programme during sessions 1 & 10

Goals of the progamme:

  • To involve primary caregivers so that there is a transfer of learning to the home environment
  • To assist in removing barriers to a child’s development resulting from the abuse
  • To help the children understand what has happened and why they are not to blame
  • To nurture all aspects of the child’s life; Te Taha Whanau, Te Taha Tinana, Te Taha Hinengaro and Te Taha Wairua. (family, physical, mental and spiritual well-being)
  • To strengthen self-esteem
  • To help children develop safety plans and support networks
  • To strengthen whanau for their future – whakawhanaungatanga
  • To assist the children to build positive relationships and to learn non-violent methods of conflict resolution